Mar 30

Ocean Ridge Great America Cleanup

mpoa-cleanupMarch 30, 2015:  12 Ocean Ridge residents participated in the first annual Ocean Ridge Great American Cleanup.  We filled 18 trash bags! The most unusual finds included a cell phone and a soccer ball.


Participants were Ted & Ann Luckadoo, Bill & Susan Kozub, Jerry Zeller, Charles & Polly LaRosa, Bob Foster, Dave & Dale Horner, and Bill & Iddy Andrews. Coordinators were Ann Luckadoo and Iddy Andrews.


Aug 21

GPS System Tip

You may have noticed that some GPS systems direct you to Ocean Ridge by way of the Jenkins Street entrance.  If you have friends, renters, or associates who are coming to visit Ocean Ridge, ask them to enter Docksite Road as their destination address on their GPS.  This should take them to the front security gate and avoid any confusion.