May 03

Lawn & Yard Debris

All lawn, yard, and shrub debris from yard work must be placed in front of the owner’s own home for pickup. Please do not place it on a vacant lot as debris placed on vacant lots will not be picked up by the trash company. We have had several complaints about owner’s placing their debris on a neighbor’s lot. Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not place it on someone else’s lot.  Thanks for helping us with this issue.

Apr 28

Garbage Can Roll Back Service UPDATE

trash-canIf you are paying the Town of Edisto Beach for water service, you should have received a letter in the mail last week notifying you of the new trash can roll-back service. When this new program takes effect, June 1, the rollback service that has been offered through the Ocean Ridge MPOA, will be discontinued since the Town plan is more affordable. Therefore, do NOT opt out of the town program if you want your roll-back service to continue. After June 1, the charge for the roll-back service will no longer be charged to your MPOA Ocean Ridge Account. It will be charged on your Town of Edisto Beach water bill at $1.50 per can per month.