MPOA Board Work Day Cleanup

Posted 1-14-19: Today was a MPOA Board work day cleaning up along the Ocean Ridge property fronting Docksite Road. Approximately five bags of trash were collected – most notably a rusted bicycle basket.

Casting Your Ballot for 2019 Annual Meeting

To those MPOA members for whom we have email addresses, between December 14 and December 18 you should receive an email from the Ocean Ridge MPOA with information about the 2019 annual meeting with instructions on casting your ballot. In the “From” line, it will have this email address:

That email will be your only notice about the annual meeting, so be sure to open it and follow the directions.

All other owners for whom we do not have an email address will receive the annual meeting notice through the US mail. If you have questions, please contact Horace Kinsey at