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Yacht Club pipe update

posted 4/9/24 –The outfall project in front of the Yacht Club is nearing completion as designed by our engineering and construction firms. Over the next few days Truluck Construction will repair the bike path and complete the site cleanup. Sanders Brothers Construction and Nu-Pipe also played major parts in this project. All three of these companies have been involved with major projects for Ocean Ridge within the past few years including road paving and storm drain cleaning.

Gate Installation Update

posted 10/22/23 The new tube-style gate has been installed at the Summerwind entrance but will remain open as a safety precaution until the signage is installed and the exit reader is moved which will occur on Monday.  Installation of the new gates at the Jenkins entrance will begin on Monday, October 23rd.  Traffic through the entrance lane may be blocked temporarily during installation.  Work on the Jenkins exit will begin upon completion of the entrance installation.  Be advised that this work may result in the temporary closure of the exit lane.  Please plan to use either the front gate or the Summerwind gate while this work is in progress.  The current RFIDs will continue to work in the same manner.  This project should help eliminate the continuous problems we have experienced with people breaking the wooden gate arms.

Resignation of Deborah Hargis

posted 9/16/23  Deborah Hargis, Director of the Ocean Ridge MPOA, has announced her resignation effective September 30, 2023.

Flooding in Ocean Ridge


In September 2022, when we had a rain event that dumped eleven inches of rain on Edisto in a very short period of time, we were made aware of the drainage issue at the outfall at the Yacht Club area. During that event we pumped water to lower the water level so that companies could come in and assess the situation. Over the next several months, we had two attempts by two different companies to blow the pipeline out under the road at the Yacht Club. This was done after cameras were used to observe pipe on both ends. These attempts were not successful. The riser is full of rip rock that was thrown in the riser over a period of time. The pipe under the road is crushed next to the riser connection and has been very difficult to find anyone willing to do the work necessary to fix the pipe and install a new riser.

We were able to clean the pipeline under the main entrance to Ocean Ridge which connects to two large lagoons along Docksite Road. In late July, we were able to get a company to come and clean out almost all the drain lines inside Ocean Ridge. Since that event occurred, we have been in discussions with the DOT and several contractors that have been contacted to help solve the problem. After many “I am coming.” and “No Shows” we were again faced with a great deal of water with Hurricane Idalia, a Blue Moon, and a King Tide this past week. Before the storm arrived, the lagoon levels were all lowered. We immediately rented two pumps to begin the process of getting rid of the excessive amount of water in Ocean Ridge. The pumps ran sixteen hours a day for four and one-half days. The water level has significantly decreased. We met with the Mayor of Edisto Beach, the Town Administrator, and the DOT to come up with a solution to help Ocean Ridge. Three different contractors have been contacted about helping to ease this water problem. Two of these contractors are submitting bids to fix the clogged drain under the main road. We are waiting to hear from the third contractor and also waiting for the bids from the other two.

We realize there is a problem and are fervently trying to get a solution. We have all been affected by the large amount of water. When you live at sea level and get the amount of rain and tides that we experienced last week, the flood waters do not go away quickly. Please know that the MPOA board is working diligently to get someone to actually come and do the work needed to help with this situation. The completion of this project will depend on the contractors getting the bids to us and getting the work done. We will keep you informed about the progress. We apologize for not keeping you abreast of each situation.

Ocean Ridge MPOA Board