Jenkins Gate

Posted 8/21/20:  The Jenkins Entrance gate has been blockaded until we can get the gate repaired. We are awaiting parts. We blockaded the gate because we had too many non-owners entering the community and people exiting the entrance gate into oncoming traffic. This decision was made out of safety and security for the residents. Thanks for your patience.

Impacts from Hurricane Isaias are Expected Late Sunday or Early Monday

Posted 8/1/20:  This notice from the Town of Edisto Beach:

Impacts from Hurricane Isaias are expected late Sunday or early Monday depending if the speed of storm holds. This could change if the path of the storm shifts or the storm slows or speeds up. Right now it is taking a path close to Dorian.

We are prepping for tropical storm force winds. We may have some downed debris, power outages. Rip currents likely. We anticipate beach erosion Sunday night and Monday morning with high tides.

Flooding is our main concern right now. We have sand and sand bags coming from Colleton County. Sand will be staged at Jungle Road Park parking area and the sand bags will be available at the Fire Department. Once delivered I will post on the website.

I will try to keep you updated throughout the weekend as I receive additional updates and please check website.

Iris Hill
Town Administrator