Reminder Ocean Ridge Advisory Meeting July 19, 2019

Posted 7/9/19: Reminder: The Ocean Ridge Advisory Committee Meeting for this quarter will be held Friday, July 19, 1:30 p.m. at the Edisto Beach Civic Center in the SCS office. All members of the MPOA are invited to attend. We hope to see you there!

Town of Edisto Beach New Yard Trash Requirements

Posted 7/5/19:  Please note that the Town of Edisto Beach has new regulations regarding the pickup of yard trash effective July 2, 2019. See below for the details:

Sec. 66-43. – Residential containers, storage and requirements.

No containers other than authorized residential containers shall be used to store garbage or refuse, except for yard waste bags or other containers for purposes of collecting yard waste, for public collection within the town. Lids or covers of such containers shall be kept tightly closed and watertight at all times other than when refuse is being deposited therein or removed therefrom. Refuse may be stored for collection in the following manner:

(1) Garbage and household trash shall be stored in authorized residential containers.

(2) Yard trash shall be placed in neat piles at curbside adjacent to owner’s property or at the property line nearest the street with the following limitations:

a. Materials are not to be placed on an adjoining lot whether vacant or otherwise.

b. Leaves, pine straw, pampas and grass clippings, small shrubbery clippings, etc., must be placed in yard waste bags or other containers. Such loose material placed at the curb, not in a yard waste bag or other container, will not be collected.

c. Brush, limbs, and shrubbery trimmings that are not containerized must be neatly stacked and bundled together in a consistent manner and bound by string or twine. Each bundle shall:

  1. Not contain any brush, limbs, or shrubbery trimmings greater than six inches in diameter.
  2. Not contain any brush, limbs, or shrubbery trimmings greater than five feet in length with all small limbs trimmed from larger limbs.
  3. Weigh no more than 30 pounds each.

d. No garbage or construction debris (building materials) may be mixed with yard trash. Such mixtures will not be picked up.

(3) Appliances and certain other household items such as stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, furniture, bedding, and air conditioners, shall be removed by the town or its authorized contractor provided that such items are placed at curbside for such collection.

Third Quarter Master POA Statements

Posted 7/3/19: The third quarter Ocean Ridge Master POA statements will be mailed out later this week. Southern Community Services and its new business partner, CAMS, are in the process of changing computer information systems which has caused a slight delay in the billing process. Because of this delay, the due date for paying the 3rd quarter assessment has been moved from July 15 to July 31. Please contact the Southern Community Services office (843) 869-4300 if you have any questions concerning your statement.

MPOA Great American Cleanup

Posted 4-9-19: Thanks to all of you who volunteered for the Ocean Ridge Great American Cleanup on April 8th. We had 19 volunteers and picked up approximately 25 bags of trash and miscellaneous large items in the Ocean Ridge community. Volunteers included Jerry Zeller, Nancy & Mike Salas, Scott & Mary Altmiller, Paul Oakley, Ted & Ann Luckadoo, Barbara Dillick and spouse, Mark & Sandy Wilson, Brian & Mary Lee Evans, Hope Miller, Jim & Peggy Pye, and Bill & Iddy Andrews.  Additional photos can be found on our Flicker site.