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New Trash Program Approved by Town Council 7/21/15

trash-canAt a special Town Council meeting today, Council passed a change to the newly implemented trash program. Anyone currently enrolled in the “push-back” program is automatically enrolled in the “push-out” program which will increase the total cost of trash pickup (push-back and push-out) to $4.00 per month per trash can. Anyone who has not opted-out of the program but does not want to be included must fill out a form and submit it to the Town. Those enrolled in the program must make sure that the sanitation people have access to their trash cans i.e. gates left unlocked, garage doors open. If you do not take action to opt-out, you will be automatically enrolled and charged. The push-out service begins the beginning of August and those enrolled will be billed monthly for August, September, and October. From then on, charges will be reflected in the quarterly water bill. There is no option to enroll in one of the programs (push-back, push-out) but not both. If you have additional questions, please contact Town Hall at (843) 869-2505.

Golf Cart Notice from Edisto Police Department

We have been advised by the Town of Edisto Beach Chief of Police George Brothers, that officers will be making a concerted effort to enforce all SC laws regarding golf carts. All golf carts must be licensed by the state DMV and can only be driven by people with a valid driver’s license. State laws prohibiting children driving golf carts or golf carts being driven on Palmetto Boulevard will be enforced. Golf carts can operate only during daylight hours regardless of whether they have lights or not. Let’s work together to keep Edisto Beach a safe refuge for our residents and visitors by abiding by these laws.

More information on golf cart regulations can be found in our Golf Cart Regulations document.

Lawn & Yard Debris

All lawn, yard, and shrub debris from yard work must be placed in front of the owner’s own home for pickup. Please do not place it on a vacant lot as debris placed on vacant lots will not be picked up by the trash company. We have had several complaints about owner’s placing their debris on a neighbor’s lot. Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not place it on someone else’s lot.  Thanks for helping us with this issue.